Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q and A graphicBelow are answers to frequently asked questions about the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and other COVID-19 funding allocations at Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS). This page will be updated regularly as the district's planning continues and decisions are made and implemented.

  • What is the American Rescue Plan (ARP)?

  • How much money is Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) receiving?

  • What is the timeline for spending these funds?

  • How will these funds be spent?

  • How can I get involved?

  • I still have questions

Proposed Strategies

  • How were these strategies determined as the district's priorities?

  • How does this plan meet students' academic needs?

  • How does this plan meet students' mental health needs?

  • How does this plan ensure schools can operate safely?

  • How are you engaging with the public about these strategies?

  • What if the pandemic impacts these plans?

  • What will happen to these programs when the funding runs out?