Before Your Visit

  • As a classroom teacher you have 3 important tasks to address in preparation for your trip to Belwin Outdoor Science.

    1.Use curriculum to prepare students. When classroom teachers make curriculum connections the learning process is more meaningful.

    2. Organize the mechanics of the trip (described below).

    3. Accompany students in their outdoor learning.

    Bus Information:

    We will order the bus for your school. Your school will be responsible for the transportation costs. Often two regular education classes will be transported with 1 special education class.The special needs class may be from your school or a different school in your area.

    We order buses for St. Paul Public Schools and schedule pick-up for 15-20 minutes after students arrive at their school.

    Communicating with Belwin Outdoor Science:

    Use the registration page to communicate. Check your date.

    At least 1 month before:
    *Use the Belwin Outdoor Science website to confirm travel times, number of students, and curriculum choices. This can all be done on the Registration form.
    * Notify science or curriculum specialist of your trip.
    * Begin preparing students with pre-trip curriculum.

    Two weeks before:

    * Order lunches & milk from your school cafeteria.

    10 days before:
    * Review activity choices for students.
    * Develop groups. We would like the students evenly divided into groups no larger than 10.
    * Call/email arrangements for students with special needs.
    * Send home permission slips
    * Send home the letter regarding proper dress for Belwin Outdoor Science (see below).

    1 or 2 days before:

    * Remind students about proper dress requirements.
    *Put lunches in boxes for Belwin Outdoor Science staff to transport to the building. All lunches will be put into a refrigerator upon arrival, a cooler is not necessary.

    Teacher's Role at Belwin Outdoor Science:

    To enhance the learning experience, the Belwin Outdoor Science staff and the individual classroom teachers work together throughout the day.  Classroom teachers will participate in activities to achieve this result. You will be expected to work with the students who have the greatest academic or behavioral needs as you know their skills and learning styles.

    Student Medical Needs:

    Students who use an asthma inhaler must have the inhaler with them.

    During warm weather, students with bee sting allergies MUST bring bee sting kits.
    If the student does not have the proper medical supplies, he/she will not be allowed on the trails.

    * Students must bring and apply their own bug repellant.
    * Students must bring their own water bottles if desired.

    Please call Belwin Outdoor Science if you have any questions:
    (651) 436-5243 or e-mail

    Proper attire for cold weather:

    Teachers, please print the appropriate letters and send copies home to parents so that students may have the best day possible at Belwin Outdoor Science!

    English version

    Spanish version

    Hmong version

    Winter Weather Policy:

    Students will not participate in outside activities when the temperature or windchill is below -15 windchill.