Welcome to Kindergarten!!

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  • Welcome to Kindergarten! I'm genuinely thrilled to be your teacher this year. A bit about me: I'm happily married to AJ, and together with our adorable dog Jessy, we share a love for travel, exercise, running  races and movie nights.

  • This year in Kindergarten, we will be working on letter sounds, identifying letter names, counting up to 100+! In the classroom, we will work hard to celebrate achievements and acknowledge growth. We will celebrate diversity and learn about each other. In Kindergarten, we will learn how we can be hardworking citizens to contribute to society in a positive way! 

  • In my 6th year of teaching, I've cherished guiding and nurturing young minds for 3 years in first grade and 3 years in Kindergarten, creating magical learning experiences. With a Masters in Educational Leadership from Concordia University, I'm committed to nurturing learning environments, and I'm excited to earn my principal license by Fall 2023. Each day, the privilege of shaping young futures fills me with passion, as we build not only foundations but lifelong memories. Thank you for joining me on this educational journey; here's to another year of learning, growing, and impacting hearts!

    Contact information: julie.isabel@spps.org