Lead in Water Results

  • To test for lead, samples are collected at schools in accordance with EPA and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidelines. The EPA and MDH has established the guideline for lead in school drinking water of 20 ppb.

    From 2016-2018 over 6,500 samples from 73 schools/buildings were collected and analyzed. 

    Testing reults from 2016-2018 showed that in Saint Paul Public Schools, 96.5% of fixtures showed results below the EPA/MDH threshold limit of 20 ppb. For drinking water fountains, a major source of water consumption in schools 99.5% passed the lead test . All fountains/fixtures that yielded samples with levels over EPA/MDH guideline were shut off, bagged off and will be labeled “Out of Order” until they are repaired or replaced. 5 year testing for all buildings is in the process of being conducted. 


    2016 Results (71 Buildings)

    Summary of 2016 Lead in Water

    Full Lead in Water Full Testing Results (2016)


    2018 Results (2 Buildings)

    All Results (E-STEM, Johnson Senior)


    2020 Results

    All Results (2020) 


    2021 Results 

    Highwood Hills