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  • Spring Session Descriptions



    Class Title: Take A Picture: The Art of Telling Stories through Photography
    Teacher/Partner: Aaliyah McQueen
    Description: Take A Picture will introduce students to how cameras work and how to tell their own stories by using visual language and the written word. Participants will be able to use their own cameras, or may borrow cameras during the sessions. This class includes hands-on learning with cameras and the opportunity to create photos and written pieces that can be shared publicly through a school exhibit.


    Class Title: CreaTECH at the Saint Paul Public Library (WEDNESDAY ONLY)
    Teacher/Partner: SPPL Staff
    Description: Middle school students will walk to George Latimer Central Library and engage in hands-on creator and maker activities with SPPL staff. Learn to create using a laser engraver, a 3-D printer, and a vinyl cutter! Play games, learn crafts, and make friends at your local library!


    Class Title: Flipside Hoopers Basketball Club    
    Teacher/Partner: Andrea Florez
    Description: Stay after school and play basketball with your friends! Open gym is available to middle school students of all skill levels. Stay, play, compete, and have fun!


    Class Title: Board Games and Math Skills
    Teacher/Partner: Matt Martell
    Description: Grow and sharpen both your board game and math skills. Play new games, develop strategies, and have fun! We will play a variety of tabletop games. If you want, take a break from playing to get help with your math work!


    Class Title: Flipside Music: Rock Band


    Teacher/Partner: Ben Gualtieri
    Description: Join a rock band. Play music.




    Class Title: Dungeons and Dragons
    Teacher/Partner: Skot Rieffer
    Description: Build a story of heroes questing for treasure, battles with deadly foes, daring rescues, courtly intrigue, and so much more. Players of all experience levels are welcome to participate in this series, facilitated by a local DnD expert.


    Class Title: UBB: Build Your Own Longboard
    Teacher/Partner: Urban Boat Builders
    Description: Build and customize your own longboard skate board! At the end of this class, each student will have their own longboard and helmet.


    Class Title: Dance Club
    Teacher/Partner: Rayna Howard
    Description: This class will provide a creative space for young and aspiring dancers. Students will be receiving open-style choreography at beginner and intermediate levels. Students will also be learning to deepen expressions through movement, strength training, and yoga stretching.




    Class Title: Online Gaming - Flipside EDGE
    Meets: Monday/Wednesday from 4:00-6:00pm (online) OR Tuesday/Thursday from 5:00-7:00pm (online)

    Teacher/Partner: eHudl
    Description: This is where boredom ends and afterschool gaming and esports begin. Whatever you play, however you play, we're the engine that drives your fun. Play with or against your friends with no coach required. See you on the EDGE!


    Class Title: Dakota Language Club (MONDAY ONLY)
    Meets: 4:30-6:30pm (online)

    Teacher/Partner: American Indian Family Center & Interfaith Action – Lisa Yankton
    Description: This class will focus on learning Dakota language, culture, and ways of life. All students are welcome!


    Class Title: Indigenous Art (WEDNESDAY ONLY)
    Meets: 4:30-6:30pm (online)

    Teacher/Partner: American Indian Family Center & Interfaith Action – MaryBeth Garrigan
    Description: Express yourself! Students will sketch and paint with professional artists from St. Paul. Students will receive art supplies to use at home and will be able to keep and/or exhibit whatever they create. All students are welcome!


    Class Title: Building your Legacy: Project AIM 
    Meets: Mon/Wed from 4:00-5:00pm (online) 

    Teacher/Partner: Jill Collins 
    Description: What legacy do you want to create for yourself? Can you see yourself as a successful adult? Join this class to learn how to set goals, identify strengths, build communication skills and reduce risk-taking behaviors.


    Class Title: Film Appreciation
    Meets: Tuesday/Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm (online)

    Teacher/Partner: Austin Kennedy
    Description: Students will learn the origins of movies, starting with early silent films and how they evolved into talkies, and then to color films.  Explore films of every genre and era while studying iconic filmmakers. Watch films while discussing their meaning and importance, and learn to watch movies with a more critical eye. Films ranging from G to PG13 (no R ratings) will be shown. Students will also be assigned a filmmaker to research and present a critique of a favorite film.


    Class Title: My Future, My Choice, My Path to Excellence!
    Meets: Tuesday/Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm (online)

    Teacher/Partner: Annette Lee
    Description: Students will explore different career options and college choices, and they will take career interest assessment surveys.




  • Exciting News!
    Flipside is expanding to all SPPS Middle School sites by Fall 2022

    Flipside is a free afterschool program that provides a fun and safe opportunity for students to participate in a variety of high-quality academic and enrichment activities. Flipside is open to all students regardless of which school they attend, and it is FREE for all students thanks to American Rescue Plan funding and a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant. 

    Learn more about Flipside HERE

Program Details



    3/21 — 5/19

    Transportation: MONDAY and WEDNESDAY

    Link to online registration HERE

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  • Zach Dotray

    Program Coordinator


    CASS #7108





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  • Flipside is sponsored by the Saint Paul Public Schools Alternative Education and Community Education Departments in partnership with the City of Saint Paul Public Library and is partially funded with SPPS District American Rescue Plan funding through June 30, 2024.