Principal Licensure Cohort

  • Join us for a cohort hosted by St. Paul Public Schools-specifically developed for aspiring principals who want the superior quality of a University of Minnesota program, coupled with the convenience of off-campus locations and the value of reduced tuition costs!

    Program Benefits

    The University of Minnesota program is approved by the Minnesota Department of Education to meet the licensure requirements for a Minnesota K-12 principal in both public and private school settings. Our curriculum features project-based learning throughout the program to ensure an experience rich with authentic practice.

    As a cohort participant you will earn graduate credits in just 18 months and at a significantly reduced cost. Twenty-three credits, for example, would cost an approximately, $7,705  - a savings of over $5,950 when compared to regular tuition and fees!

    Key Competencies and Areas of Study

    • Leadership and Vision
    • School Culture
    • Management for Learning Environments
    • Collaboration and Community
    • Integrity and Ethics
    • Political, Social, Economic, Legal, and Cultural Contexts of Education

    Admission Requirements

    • Minimum 3.0 GPA.
    • District approval of application.
    • A completed Licensing and Leadership (Development for Educational Administrators online application form, available at
    • Supplemental materials (upload with online application):
    • An Application Supplement
    • A transcript for each institution attended beyond your (first) bachelor’s degree.
    • A 1-2 page, double-spaced essay on a current topic of education that you want to significantly impact as a licensed administrator.Payment of $550.00 program fee, payable to the University of Minnesota and sent to:

    Karen Potter
    330 Wulling Hall
    86 Pleasant Street SE
    Minneapolis MN 55455

    Submit application by July 15, 2013


    More Information

    Need more info about the cohort or other options? Contact Dr. Lyle Taipale ( or 612/625-8300) or Dr. Lynn Scearcy ( or 612/626-7456) or Dr. Ken Dragseth ( or 612/626-8647).


    PDF 2013-15 St. Paul Cohort