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    The SPPS Online School meets the educational needs of students who require a safe, healthy and distraction-free environment.

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  • Reasons to be a Student at SPPS Online

    • Comfortable Environment

    Students who engage in online learning do so in a comfortable environment.  They have the ability to create a space in their likeness and interests.  This allows students to feel comfortable within the confines of their own learning space.  Students who suffer the anxiety of dealing with the strain of a daily schedule and the distractions created in a traditional setting find an online learning environment that allows them to feel less stressed, more confident, and achieve a higher level of success. Students often feel more comfortable asking questions through a classroom chat and have the ability to have a one on one conversation with a teacher.

    • Safety

    Students enrolled in an online learning environment often do so because they are seeking safety from a variety of issues they encounter in a traditional classroom. Being in their own unique environment helps students emotionally and physically feel safe and secure.  Learning coaches also benefit as they can provide support and encouragement.  

    • Sense of Belonging

    Students who enroll in an online learning environment often feel somewhat disconnected from their peers.  We find many students in an online learning environment often have similar interests, life expectations, and life challenges. These similarities help create a sense of belonging as they don’t feel like they are the only one.  Our students often get to know each other without any predetermined conceptions or judgment leading to a sense of belonging and support. 

    • Flexibility

    Students have the ability to access their course curriculum 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Students who need flexibility and make a commitment to success can attend synchronous sessions when they are available or attend recorded sessions asynchronously to meet their learning needs.  They can set up time to meet with teachers if they need additional assistance and support and tutors are available through tutorme.com if necessary.

    • Self-Paced Learning

    As with any learning experience courses often have deadlines. SPPS online is no exception, as we do feel it is necessary to provide structure for students.  However, we have created cycles to allow students to plan, focus and pace themselves for success.  These learning cycles create structure but still allow students the opportunity to focus on individual learning areas of need and concentrate efforts on one subject at a time if necessary.

    • Time Management Skill Development

    Students in an online environment are encouraged and develop their ability to use your time productively and efficiently. Think of it as the art of having time to do everything they need, without feeling stressed about it. Success in an online environment occurs due to students taking responsibility and internal motivation, leading to development of organizational and time management skills.

    • Health Concerns

    Students who have frequent appointments or need in home medical care, or need to limit exposure to the outside world can benefit from an online learning environment by having the safe, comfortable, supported, and flexible opportunity to meet their educational growth any time of day or day of the week.   

    • Distraction Free Environment

    Students who enroll in an online environment find themselves with the ability to concentrate on tasks without disruption.  If they need to take a break to refocus they can easily step away and come back when refreshed.  Distractions often happen in a traditional classroom, but students in an online environment often find necessary focus and the ability to complete assignments more effectively.

    • Supported Learning from a Learning Coach/Parent/Guardian

    It is a great advantage to have someone in your corner to support you who has the ability to help create focus.  Student Learning Coaches have the ability to see what is being taught, can help a student become a stronger advocate for themselves, and encourage success. Learning Coaches have visibility into what they student is learning daily and access to student progress through individualized access to the students Learning Management System (Schoology).  Teachers can easily be contacted and quickly respond to our learning coaches to facilitate a stronger educational partnership.  

    • Real World Work Preparation

    Students in an online environment learn soft skills directly related to employment.  The ability to write an effective email, online etiquette, access and use of online tools, working remotely and effectively, time management, prioritizing work, just to name a few.  The pandemic has changed the face of work dramatically and online learning prepares students for next steps. 

    • Bonus reason-Exceptional/Amazing/Dedicated Teaching Staff

    Teachers who are involved in an online learning environment choose to be online because they see the power of relationships, technology, and academic success as another learning experience for their students.  They are dedicated to implementing and learning new things with an ultimate goal of creating something unique and personalized.  At SPPS we are fortunate to have a staff who is willing to try new things, and is part of the process of creating something to meet the needs of students who are looking for an educational option to fit their life circumstances and allow them to thrive.  Our teachers go above and beyond to make sure every student has an opportunity to succeed.  Teacher availability is a strong attribute of online learning and our system allows our students to have access to their teachers in an environment conducive to learning and growth.  Our teachers take pride in the relationships they build with their students and understand the importance of being a caring adult.