• Student Testimonials

  • "Going to school in-person was pretty stressful for me to be around that many people, so it’s nice to stay at home and get help from my parents."
    -Graycen Jones
    9th Grade
  • "I like how I can learn at home."

    Eyosias Etecha, 9th Grade


    "I love all of the teachers, especially Ms. Lundquist and Ms. McGraw."

    Jamie Nadeau, 11th Grade


       "You can always ask your teachers for help."

    Daqa, 9th Grade


    "The Online School is very cool and very safe. The Online School allows me to stay at home and be safe from the virus."

    Andy Vue, 9th Grade


    "Something I like about SPPS Online, is that we get office hours."

    Prisana Vue, 9th Grade


    "I like that teachers record their classes for students who missed going to the Google Meet, and when I go look at the video it helps me to catch up."

    Tyson Moua, 9th Grade


    "I like getting to work from home and that you don’t have to go to school to do work in person and wake up super early. I have the choice to work on assignments longer if I need to. I also like that there are Office Hours, so if I’m struggling with something, I can go to Office Hours to get help. The Online School has made me want to try harder and work harder. It has helped me understand my learning better than in-person. I felt that when I was in-person I would get distracted by my friends and wouldn’t be able to finish work on time."

    Andy Thao, 9th Grade


    The teachers are really caring and check up on you. At in-person school you aren’t able to get one on one help, but at the Online School you can get one on one help. The teachers understand how things can be for students. Online School helps my parents' work schedule and helps my siblings get help if my parents are at work. I am also able to watch the dogs and make sure they are okay."

    Antolina McCloskey, 9th Grade


    "SPPS Online School is amazing."

    Duachi Her, 8th Grade


    "It helps me be more independent."

    Noah Auger, 8th Grade


    "I really like how all my teachers are nice and try to make everything easier for us."

    Kimberly Aguilon, 8th Grade