Deleting a Teacher Section or Page

  • If you're looking to DELETE a staff member from your teacher directory and from your online directory, these are two different (albeit related) tasks.

    Here's how to delete a teacher to your teacher directory:

    Open your site manager

    Click on the "Teachers" channel, at which point you will see several of your teachers.

    Click on the green button that says "Delete Section."

    NOTE 1: This is permanent. Once you delete this section, it cannot be recovered. So if a teacher is, say, moving to a different school — you should "move" the section to their new school and not delete it.

    Likewise, in the event of a leave of absence: you can also hide a teacher section and deactivate the page. This will then not delete the section, but will still remove it from the site.

    NOTE 2: Deleting a teacher section will not delete a teacher from your teacher directory. You will need to go to your teacher directory to remove the student from that section as well.