• Secondary Grading and Final Marks

    Effective with the start of the 2022-23 school year, letter grades for all secondary students (6-12th grade) will be: A - D, NP grading scale. Some schools choose to use +/-. This is not a change for middle schools.

    This change will support the use of grades as a means of communicating student learning and contribute to a GPA that more accurately reflects each student’s content knowledge. NPs will not earn credit toward graduation and will not affect the student’s GPA. This change also supports credit recovery using P/NP.


    Transfer Grades

    Transfer grades should be entered on a student's SPPS transcript using the district's grading scale.  If an F or N is reported, an NP should be posted to the student's SPPS transcript. This is in line with SPPS Policy 536.00 D: “Credits previously earned by students who transfer enrollment to Saint Paul Public Schools shall bear grades as though the course was completed at Saint Paul Public Schools.”   

    SPPS students attending PSEO, CIS, Concurrent Enrollment, etc. should have their grades posted to their HS transcripts using the SPPS grading scale, including weighted grade points per the board policy. Again, if an F or N is reported, an NP should be posted to the student's SPPS transcript. The college transcript will reflect the college’s grading scale.


    Elementary Scoring Rubric

    The 1 - 5 scoring rubric for Personal/Social Development and Effort is as follows:

    1 = Rarely
    2 = Rarely +
    3 = Sometimes
    4 = Sometimes +
    5 = Consistently

    The 1 - 11 scoring rubric for course indicators is as follows:

    1 = Beginning
    4 = Developing
    7 = Proficient
    10 = Exceptional
    11 = Not Evaluated