• Electronic Office Discipline Referral FormODR

    Used to document lost instructional time.

    Click the icon on the right or go directly to the website behaviorreferral.spps.org to submit an Office Discipline Referral (ODR) form.

    All ODR form submissions are now electronic. Staff must be on SPPS Wifi to submit an ODR form. Submit a service ticket for access issues.


    ** Must be on SPPS Wifi to access

  • Classroom-managed behavior:
    • is handled in the classroom setting using the continuum of classroom  interventions and consequences supported by the SW discipline plan
    • is NOT documented on an ODR form and student is NOT sent out of classroom/learning environment
  • Office-managed behavior:
    • is handled outside the classroom setting using the continuum of support, both interventions and disciplinary responses, used by behavior support staff and administrators
    • results in lost instructional time and is documented on the SPPS Office Discipline Referral form
    • is submitted as an ODR form by instructional staff and documented in Infinite Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is SPPS changing to an electronic referral time?

  • Why are referrals for behaviors that do not involve suspension or dismissal documented in Campus?

  • Will a user be able to get a report or list of the Office Discipline Referrals for Lost Instructional Time that they submitted?

  • Will the user receive a follow up message containing information regarding how the referral was resolved?

  • What device can be used to submit an Office Discipline Referral for Lost Instructional Time?

  • Can a user change the date and time of the incident, if needed?