• Schoology for Families

  • Schoology allows for creating, organizing and delivering online content for courses. It allows teachers to monitor and assess assignment completion and provide feedback on work. It allows students to interact with course requirements and conveniently access course information. Schoology also allows guardians to view their child’s progress in order to provide support at home.

    Schoology is the LMS used by teachers and students in grades 4-12.


    Have questions about Schoology?

    Contact your teacher or building technology support for more Schoology information.

  • Teachers can:

    • use a variety of formats to engage students
    • post assignments online for easy and convenient access
    • assign and collect homework online
    • assess learning quickly in order to customize instruction
    • provide feedback in multiple ways
    • collaborate with students
    • have a platform to use other tools, like Google, audio and video
  • Students can:

    • engage with lessons in a variety of ways, such as discussion posts, audio and video files
    • stay organized by accessing assignments and calendars conveniently online
    • submit assignments linked through Google and other apps
    • collaborate with teachers and students in a safe, online environment
    • prepare for college and career that will likely use similar LMS platforms
  • Families can:

    • help their child stay organized with assignment due dates
    • help their child access assignments and view course information
    • monitor grades
    • stay informed with school and class announcements
  • One Stop: Log in to access multiple online tools

    Families can log into OneStop for help with Schoology and other apps to support their child. 

  • Schoology Log In

    Students use the Schoology app to log into Schoology and access courses.

    View directions HERE

  • Parents and guardians, do you have questions about using Schoology to support your child? 

    Click on the document below to access information about getting started with Schoology and some helpful features for parents. 

    SPPS Parent Guide to Schoology Link

    Document available in other languages: Hmong      Spanish      Somali      Karen

  • Schoology Support Videos

    English LinkHmong LinkKaren LinkSomali LinkSpanish Link