Seesaw for Staff

    Seesaw is a digital portfolio that allows students to access instructional materials and activities and submit artifacts of their learning to share with their teacher and family. Students in grades PreK- 3rd grade use Seesaw. SPPS uses the Seesaw for Schools version, which has extra features like automatic rostering, multipage activities, and additional co-teachers.

    Have questions about using Seesaw in your classroom?

    Contact Amanda Madsen for more information.

  • Teachers, students , and families use Seesaw for teaching, learning, and communicating.

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  • Seesaw Log In

    Use Clever to sign into staff and student Seesaw accounts.


  • Log in Support

    View materials to support students and staff with logging into Seesaw through Clever.

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  • Connect with Families

    Invite family members to be part of your Seesaw Community. Families will be able to view their only child's work in Seesaw. 

  • Seesaw Help

    Visit the Seesaw support page for more information on class settings, creating activities, and using Seesaw multimodal tools