Welcome to the Saint Paul Public Schools Innovation Office


    The mission of the Innovation Office is to advance strategic thinking, planning and decision-making across Saint Paul Public Schools. 


    We provide the Saint Paul Public Schools community with comprehensive strategic planning, fund development, project management and grant oversight services and infrastructure to meet our organizational mission to inspire students to think critically, pursue their dreams and change the world. 

    • Support the implementation and monitoring of strategically aligned initiatives 
    • Cultivate new financial and in-kind resources to achieve our district’s strategic vision
    • Manage special projects for district departments within determined scope, timeline and budget 
    • Oversee school and department competitive grant execution to ensure compliance with funder, local, state and federal regulations 


    The Innovation Office is committed to leading with our values of active communication, curiosity, respect, innovation and integrity. These values guide how we engage with ourselves, each other and our clients. 

    • Active Communication: We listen for understanding and are committed to strong follow up and follow through
    • Curiosity: We embrace the unknown, lead with a desire to learn, and welcome new ideas and voices
    • Respect: We acknowledge and affirm multiple perspectives and seek out those that are missing
    • Innovation: We are dedicated to improvement and leveraging new and creative ways to achieve meaningful results
    • Integrity: We hold ourselves and others accountable and assess our impact to expose where we may be causing harm 


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