• Digital Citizenship at Home

    Digital Citizenship includes appropriate and responsible use of technology by staff and students and is an important expectation for the security and data privacy in our 1:1 iPad environment.

    In compliance with the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) St Paul Public Schools provides students with lessons on Digital Citizenship, Online Safety and Privacy, and Appropriate Online Behavior

    St Paul Public Schools partners with Common Sense Media to provide lessons on digital citizenship. Schools and teachers can earn Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Certification after completing additional lessons and holding a parent outreach activity.

  • Have questions?

    Contact Chris Turnbull for more information on Digital Citizenship lesson requirements.

    Be responsible. Be respectful. Be safe.

  • Read about tips and resources for home device use in the Parenting in the Digital Age article for families. Parenting in the Digital Age Icon

    This article is also available in Hmong, Karen, Somali, and Spanish languages.

    Hmong   Karen   Somali   Spanish


  • How can families learn more about Digital Citizenship in St Paul Public Schools?

    Families play a crucial role in helping our students develop strong digital citizenship skills. Below are resources that families can access to support their children. 

    Visit Common Sense Media to learn more about the lessons available to students. There are also lessons for parents to support your efforts in promoting safe and appropriate digital use. Common Sense Media Logo


  • iPad Safety Tips iPad Safety Tips

    Student iPad safety tips sheet describes ways students and families can keep iPads secure and what to do if the iPad is lost or stolen. 

  • Bully

    This article, What is Cyberbullying, defines cyberbullying and how it appears on social media and other digital platforms.  

  • Did you know?

    Dig Cit IconSeptember is Digital Citizenship Month in SPPS!

    Let’s start the school year strong by promoting digital citizenship.