• Aerospace and aviation encompasses a vast assortment of disciplines, so we weave it into every facet of our curriculum, from math and science to the communication arts.

    Specialized programs and field trips add to the mix creating an education that is infused with experiences in teamwork, problem solving and leadership that give our students confidence and exposure to big ideas. Students see the practical application of their education and that helps them retain what they learn. Our curriculum offerings support student successes for living, learning and growing in the 21st century. With our emphasis in aerospace, science, technology, engineering and mathematics; we are accomplishing our mission by exposing young minds to a world of possibilities, and backing that up with the coursework that will help them reach their highest potential.

    The three stars in our logo summarizes our aerospace curriculum: Classroom Instruction, Speakers and Extended Field Trips.

    "Out of the hundreds of schools that I have visited, Farnsworth stands out as an inspiring success story."

    Lt. Col (Ret) Duane "Digger" Carey.
    Astronaut/Pilot Space Shuttle Mission STS-109

    Digger sharing his experience with Farnsworth students.

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