• Genius Squad

  • Genius Squad is a unique model that builds technical and digital skills for students while having them serve and support technology operations at SPPS schools. Students expand their skills and content knowledge with digital resources and iPads while providing real world support for teachers and other students with technology needs.

    Genius Squad members participate in, lead, and assist with technology integration a a wide variety of ways at their respective schools and at a district-level. This level of involvement also allows for career pathways exploration and preparation. 

  • Internships are available in the summer for students to work with St Paul library Createch Labs. As interns, students have the opportunity to learn more about the Technology Services department and help set up computer labs. Internships are a collaboration with St Paul libraries.

  • Elementary Genius SquadAt the elementary level, Genius Squad programs support

    • Tech Night at open houses
    • demonstrate apps
    • create school newsletters regarding technology
    • Mentor younger students in Tech Buddy programs

    Secondary Genius SquadAt the secondary level, Genius Squad programs support

    • device deployment and training
    • provide tech support at school conferences and with service tickets
    • promote digital citizenship practices
    • assist with digital citizenship lesson implementation
    • test processes for Tech Services and provide feedback to district stakeholders