Interns from French-speaking countries make a difference in your child's learning. Learn more about the intern who will be working in our classroom this year.

  • Hello ! I am Marion Demaret, I am 22 years old. I am really excited to start the school year! I have 2 older sisters (38 and 40 y-o). My mom is a foster mom, and she takes care of 4 teenage girls (Kelly, Oceane, Leyla, Amandine). I live in Ham (the north of France), and I study in Lille (the best city in France!) to be an English teacher; I am studying for a master’s degree in English teaching. I really like the civilization and literature classes, and I love to teach!

    I already taught some classes in France (middle school and high school), and that’s when I knew I had chosen the right pathway because teaching is definitely my passion! What I like most about teaching is seeing how children evolve in their learning process. Another thing that I love about teaching, is to be part of the students’ success in learning!

    This internship is really important for me because I will learn teaching strategies and share my culture : food, music , pop culture, Art , traditions such as the “galette des rois” (a cake with a tiny doll made of ceramic)….

    My hobbies include reading American literature, playing guitar, traveling and listening to music!