• Immersive Films

    If you would like to have an immersive film as a component of your program, just let us know on your program request form.  We will modify the live presentation component of your program to accommodate the film.  Below you will find the length and description for each film, as well as a recommended age range.



    Snowflake (20 minutes, all ages)

    What exactly is a snowflake? How is it formed? How many different shapes can it possibly be? Learn all about snowflakes through this wonderful animated film.


    Seasonal Stargazing (7 minute short version or 14 minute long version, all ages)

    Separate shows for summer, fall, winter and spring.  Each show highlights the most prominent and easy-to-find stars and constellations of the season.  See and hear star names and constellations.



    One World, One Sky (26 minutes, pre-school through Grade 1)
    Big Bird, Elmo and their friend from China, Hu Hu Zhu, take viewers on a journey of discovery to learn about the Big Dipper, the North Star, the Sun, and the Moon.



    Moon (20 minutes, preK through Grade 2)

    Make observations of the moon, learn about it's path on our night sky and it's many shapes.



    Larry Cat in Space (30 minutes, grade K-1)

    Larry Cat in Space is a playful, imaginative cartoon presentation about an inquisitive cat who takes a trip to the Moon. Through Larry's eyes, we observe his human family, a group of enthusiastic sky-watchers. Larry notes how human time differs from cat time. Diana takes a job on the Moon, and sadly leaves Larry behind. Larry figures out a way to hide in her clothes trunk.


    Secret of the Cardboard Rocket (30 minutes, Grade 1-Grade 3)
    Join two children on a magical journey through the Solar System, aided by a talking astronomy book, a cardboard rocket, and a vivid imagination. During this imaginative show, audiences will land on Venus, fly through the rings of Saturn, and discover the secrets of the Solar System.
    Earth, Moon and Sun (26 minutes, grades 1 through 5)

    This fulldome animated film explores the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun with the help of Coyote, an amusing character who has many misconceptions about our home planet and its most familiar neighbors.  This film does a great job of hitting all four of the Minnesota grade 3 astronomy benchmarks.



    Dinosaur Passage to Pangea (37 minutes, grades 2 and up)

    Two students embark on an amazing adventure...and learn about our planets amazing geology.



    Two Small Pieces of Glass (30 minutes, grades 3-12)

    While attending a local star party, two teenage students learn how the telescope has helped us understand our place in space and how telescopes continue to expand our understanding of the Universe. Their conversation with a local astronomer enlightens them on the history of the telescope and the discoveries these wonderful tools have made.


    Mars - Ares Express (3 minutes, grades 3 and up)

    Take an exciting roller coaster ride on Mars on the Ares Express.  Three minutes of looping and twisting and turning on the dusty red planet.

    Europa- Ice Slide (3 minutes, grades 3 and up)

    Starting high above the surface, you slip at tremendous speed down the frozen slopes of a mountain on Jupiter's ice moon. The glowing energy rings lead the way though inexplicable portals!


    Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity (25 minutes, Grade 5 and Up)
    A presentation of the facts and theory surrounding the astronomical phenomenon of "black holes", using the latest in computer-generated imagery. Theories regarding their origin are presented, along with speculation about what lies with and beyond them.
    Cosmic Colors (31 minutes, grades 5 and up)

    Cosmic Colors will take you on a wondrous journey across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Discover the many reasons for color—like why the sky is blue and why Mars is red. Take a tour within a plant leaf and journey inside the human eye. Investigate x-rays by voyaging to a monstrous black hole. Get ready for an amazing adventure under a rainbow of cosmic light!


    2012: Mayan Prophecies (26 minutes, grades 5 and up)

    Explore The Prophecies Of The Mayan Astronomers!  Visit the Classic Mayan cities of Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Tikal, and Palenque to discover how the Maya aligned their temples to watch their sky gods and used interlocking calendars to record the past and predict the future.  Explore pyramids towering above the rainforest, designed as observatories to follow the sun. Experience the apocalypse of the Maya and discover how our fate in 2012 may be foretold in Mayan Prophecies.