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    Vision: Build a district culture centered on a shared understanding of culturally responsive instruction, in order to meet the instructional needs of every learner, which aligns with the SPPS district's existing equity work. 

    Mission: Create learning environments where all students make connections to what they are learning and teachers meet the learning needs of students, contributing to successful academic outcomes. We will: 

    • Prioritize and integrate culturally responsive practices in all staff professional development.

    • Build leadership capacity to create a ripple effect that impacts staff mindset and practice and student learning

    • Provide resources for teachers to implement culturally responsive instruction into their teaching and measurement tools for instructional leaders to ensure accountability. 

    • Provide resources for educators to support culturally responsive practices. 

    • Holistically integrate all Saint Paul Public Schools programs under Culturally Responsive Instruction.


Culturally Responsive Instruction Implementation Plan

      Phase I

      • Summer 2019-Spring 2022

        Objective: To promote shared understanding of culturally responsive instruction

        • Book study of CRT and the Brain by Zaretta Hammonds
        • School professional development on Ready for Rigor framework


             1. To get educators excited about CRI work

             2. To celebrate and recognize existing CRI work in the district

             3. To provide educators with inspiration, ideas, and resources for CRI work

             4. To provide educators time to collaborate and connect with other educators on 

                 CRI work

             5. To "close the chapter" on book study and poise for district-wide implementation

      Phase II.I

      • Practicing Relevance, Realness, Relationship, Rigor - Q1&2

        I. Build Capacity-Q1

        A. Develop Principals as CRI Instructional Leaders

            1. Continue Learning Visits with Principals with the following objectives

                 a. build relationships and trust 

                 b. identify leadership strengths (in preparation for replicable practice sharing in future PDs)

                 c. provide coaching 

        B. Develop PD responsive to visit learnings for Leadership Academy with following objectives:

            1. provide foundational and practical knowledge on CRI concepts

            2. provide concrete CRI strategies to implement at schools 

            3. increase understanding of the four Ready for Rigor areas of practice (quadrants) 

        C. Co-create Ready for Rigor Practice Profile Rubric 

            1. Principals identify how each practice area looks, feels, sounds

            2. PD in Awareness and other areas of practice at Leadership   

                       Academy **mindset informs all other areas

        D. Unpack mini-lessons (collected from learning visits)

        E. Principals share their replicable practices at Leadership Academy

        F. Collaborate with other departments and programs to align CRI language and practices 

           1. integrate CRI strategies and language

           2. provide PD to build lead capacity

           3. shift language and thinking around teaching and learning

           4. partner with content leads to demonstrate CRI Professional Development Framework 

        CRI Professional Development Framework

        CRI Concept Practice (look, sounds, feels like)

        Mindset ShiftToolkit


        Metapedagogy: Intentionally, explicitly articulate this process as it happens!


        Teach Model ⇒ Provide Heuristic ⇒ Heuristic Practice

      Phase II.II

      • Build Capacity-Q2  

        A. Develop principals in the Learning Partnerships and Community of Learners & Learning Environment areas of practice

            1. collaboration with various departments and programs to show principals how CRI shows up

                a. objective: make CRI salient to principals 

               b. objective: principals can evaluate (SET, Practice Profiles) and coach staff in CRI

            2. invite principals to present their replicable practice at LA 

        B. Continue school learning visits and follow-up visits

        C. Include Personal Learning and other potential programs to enhance CRI work

        D. Implement CRI work with teachers: Ready for Rigor implementation

             1. Principals identify replicable practices in teachers

             2. Teachers share replicable practices in staff PD

        E. Teachers work on AWARENESS and one other area of practice in R&R. 

        F. Practice and data gather in PLC/JEPD focus

        Essential Question: How does your CRI practice impact staff perseverance?

      Phase II.III

      • Build Capacity-Q3

            A. Teachers learn from other teachers in their building through observations in Learning Walks during PLC and/or JEPD 

           B. Teachers us data to inform CRI implementation through shared replicable practices and student feedback

           C. Teachers reflect and confer on their practice 

        Essential Question: How does your CRI practice impact student outcome?

      Phase II.IV

      • Learn, Celebrate, Recognize-Q4 

             A. Culturally Responsive Expo 2023: Shifting Minds, Moving Hearts, Growing Together

                  1. Principals identify rock star teachers to submit Expo    

                 presentation proposal

                  2. CRI Coordinator identifies rock star  

                 principals to present at CRI Expo

                  3. Teachers and principals learn from each other in CRI Expo    

                  breakout sessions

                  4. Program pathway mini-institutes to de-silo

            B. Implementation Next Steps

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