SPPS Finance Advisory Committee

  • The Saint Paul Public Schools Finance Advisory Committee (FAC) is an advisory committee to SPPS Administration and the Board of Education. The purpose of the FAC is to ensure fiscal recommendations are grounded in sound financial decision making and are in alignment with the strategic priorities of Saint Paul Public Schools.

    The Finance Advisory Committee recognizes it is critical to be good stewards of public funds. The Committee does this through engaging in transparency in reporting, communication, and accountability. The Committee works with stakeholders to fulfill its fiscal oversight responsibilities and maintain trust.

    The FAC will: 

    • Review the annual levy
    • Review the annual audit results
    • Review annual budget and adjustments 
    • Understand and engage in planning and financing significant projects 
    • Provide feedback on the SPPS’ investment planning (OPEB Trust)
    • Actively participate in other matters impacting the fiscal health of SPPS

    FAC members include:

    • Board Member: Director Ward
    • Board Member: Chair Vue 
    • Board Member: Will be appointed in January 
    • Superintendent, Dr. Joe Gothard
    • Executive Chief of Finance, Tom Sager
    • Executive Director of Financial Services, Andrew Adams
    • Community Member: Mikisha Nation 
    • Community member: Alan Ickler
    • Community Member: Michelle Mitchell
    • Community Member: Mee Moua 
    • Community Member: Dr. Thomas Adams
    • Community Member: Michele Miley

    Meetings are held 4 to 6 times per year at 4 p.m. at 360 Colborne St. in Room A.