Note to Parents

    The fantasy project packets went home last week. Please make sure your child has chosen a book and is reading. They will be creating a fantasy map and some writing about their book.

    The next few weeks we will practice two types of math skills for four days each week and then test those two skills every Friday. Each teacher will be sharing that information with you via student work and/or a post test. 

    This week’s skills are: 

    Algebra: 24 = t X 4     

    Division: 28 / 7 (solve, draw a picture that it represents, explain your thinking another way, write a word problem)

    Upcoming Events


    • Children’s Theater, “Three Little Birds” February 21


    Reading: Poetry - words that create imagery, making inferences

    Writing: Poetry Books - we will begin writing poems for our individual books. The students will all receive one free copy of their own book. You are able to order extra copies but do not need to. You can just sign the form saying no to purchasing anything and all children will still receive a book.


    • Decimals in Money
    • Continental Math
    • Fractions, Decimals and Percents
    • Fraction of Problems

    Social Studies

    The Midwest final projects and test.