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  • Quest was the first gifted/talented high school program approved for Saint Paul Schools as part of a desegregation effort. Designed and written by Central teachers in 1973, Quest is a Humanities honors program offering unique courses in a multigrade setting.

    Analysis and synthesis of ideas from a broad range of readings in literature and history
    College-level materials and a variety of learning styles
    New facts and philosophies to redefine and clarify who you are, what you think, and how you want to live.

    Full participation in classroom discussion and school
    Classes may include students in grades 9 through 12
    Combine group learning with individual pursuit of academic interest and artistic talents
    Celebrate diversity by the inclusion of all peoples and cultures
    Participation of students of color in a variety of ways including achievement of Cameron Blackmore Memorial Award
    Evaluation of idea, themes, and concepts through technology and writing

    Using the Socratic Method, the interrelatedness and cross cultural implications of history, literature, philosophy, religion, science, and aesthetics
    Develop independence as learners and researchers
    Apply problem-solving, information-gathering, and critical thinking skills to issues, events, and other activities appropriate to an interdisciplinary humanities curriculum

    Emphasizes skills through writing essays, research papers, critical papers, and objective and subjective examinations
    Assess student performances through written and oral expression, art portfolios, dramatic performances, and debate

    QUEST COURSES AT CENTRAL are offered on a rotating, three year schedule and may include some of these courses each year:
    •American Experience- Literature
    •Harlem Renaissance
    •Comparative World Religions
    •Science Fiction/Futurism
    •Shakespeare Tragedy, Shakespeare Comedy, Shakespeare History
    •Creative Writing - Poetry and Prose
    •Social Studies 9 Quest
    •World Literature
    •English 9 Quest
    •World Cultural Studies

    Participation in a humanities program for academically talented, and highly motivated students.
    Prepares students to take the college achievement tests: PSAT SAT and ACT.
    Fulfills the graduation requirements for English in grades nine through twelve.
    There are no entrance requirements for Quest. When registering at Central, select Quest classes.

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