• Competitive at the 9th grade, Junior Varsity, and Varsity level. All levels practice together at Griffin Stadium.

    Practice Schedule:  2:30-5:00pm at Central High School


    Football Fees (If free/reduced lunch, fee in parentheses)

    Participation Fee: $55 ($20)

    Athletic Girdle: $30 ($30)

    Practice Jersey: $20 ($20)

    Total: $105 ($70)


    Season Start: August 14th 2017


    A letter from the Coach to Incoming Freshman:

    St. Paul Central Minuteman Football

    Welcome to St. Paul Central and your interest in Minutemen Football. We are very proud of having won the St. Paul City Conference and now the new district conference 8 of the last 9 years. Two major reasons for our success include the participation of our players in our summer weightlifting and speed and agility program and the fact that so many of our new players learn the proper techniques for weightlifting, as part of Central’s “Bigger, Faster and Stronger”, well-structured weightlifting program.

    Both programs are run by Coach Will Beneke-Eaves, Central’s Co-Offensive Coordinator with the volunteer assistance of a number of our other Varsity Coaches. Most of Central’s coaches played college football and are well-versed in modern weight-training techniques and the development of football speed and agility.

    If your child intends to play football this fall for Central he or she is strongly encouraged to show up at the football stadium during the week of June 12, 2017, when the summer program starts. The program will run between 1:30 and 5P.M. four days a week (except the week of July 3rd when high school rules limit coach contact).

    Student-athletes are asked to stay for about 2 hours each of these four days. We prefer to have our newer players start at 1:30 and our returning veterans at 3 PM, but will take student-athletes at any time. Our experience at Central demonstrates that players who train in the summer and learn to weightlift are far less likely to be injured severely in football. In fact, a three year study of high school football by the University of Florida “shows that players who follow a controlled strength-training program reduce their chances of suffering from severe injuries”.

    We strongly encourage freshmen to attend and those who do almost always have more success their freshmen year of football. If you have any questions about joining the summer program, please feel free to contact me at 651-744-4900 or 651-208-9410 or Coach Will at 651-343-0032 or Coach Beneke at 651-261-6506. We hope to see you this summer so that your child can become acclimated to the Central football tradition and “can hit the ground running” when the Season Starts on Monday, August 14, 2017. Thank you.

    Head Coach Scott Howell

    Due by August 7th-Paperwork/Requirements for Eligibility

    Current physical Record on file with Ms. Funk. Athletic Director (exam during past 3 years); Minnesota and District eligibility forms (to be given out during the summer program).

    Due by August 7th to Ms. Funk

    Participation Fee-$55 Athletic Girdle $30 Practice Jersey $20 Total $105

    If Free or Reduced Lunch - Participation Fee $20 Athletic Girdle $30

    Practice Jersey $20 Total $70


    To be eligible to participate in athletics at Central High School, the following items must be delivered to the Central Athletic Office the Friday before the first scheduled day of practice.

    _____ 1. A completed & signed 2017-18 M.S.H.S.L. Eligibility Statement/Health Questionnaire- effective for one calendar school year

    _____ 2. An up-to-date SPORTS physical exam - eligible for three years, unless stated otherwise by a Physician

    _____ 3. Participation fee - required fees vary by sport, please see a specific sport's homepage for details. Checks payable to "Central High School"

    To ensure the athletic department receives all necessary materials prior to the start of the season, do not mail fee or forms to Central High School. All registration items must be hand delivered to the Athletic Office (room 1116) for verification the Friday before the first scheduled day of practice. Failure to turn in necessary materials on time will result in an ineligibility to physically particpate. Athletes cannot participate until they have been deemed eligible by the athletic department. No participation fee refund will be given after the second official week of practice. A refund request must commence by the athlete or parent/guardian within the first two weeks of practice. Registration for all athletics ends on the fourth Friday from the start of a specific season (some exceptions may apply to this rule). Additional athletic registration resources are available on the Athletics Homepage under "Athletic Forms" in the right hand column.




Athletic Office

  • 275 N Lexington Parkway
    Saint Paul, MN 55104
    Room 1116
    Phone: 651/744-5102
    Fax: 651/632-6029
    Athletic Director
    Treacy Funk
    Administrative Assistant
    Morgan Wiechmann
    Summer Athletic Office Hours:
    August 7-31, 2017