• Competitive at the Junior Varsity, and Varsity level. Teams travel to meets together.

    Central Girls Swimming & Diving Website

    Practice Schedule:  3:00-5:00pm at Central High School pool

    Participation Fee: $45/ with fee waiver $20

    Season Start: August 14th 2017


    A letter from the coach to Incoming Freshman:

    St. Paul Central Girls Swimming & Diving - Freshman Info Letter

    Head Coach: Blake Bendix

    Email -

    Phone - 320-241-8782

    Website: (Not finished and no landing page yet)

    Assistant Coach: Alisha (Blaydes) McGraw
    Diving Coach: Kayla Hennum

    Practice times:
                Practice will be held after school from 3:15 - 5:45. This allows students to get help from teachers right after school, some social time, as well as give our 7-8th graders a chance to come to practice once their school gets out.

    As of 3/29/17 the summer schedule will work the same way, going from 3:15 - 5:45. This may change if we have practice in the morning at the Highland outdoor pool. 
                We will not be having morning practices before school as sleep is very important to teenagers.
    There are 3 main pieces of equipment I would like the girls to have:
                            1. Fins
                            2. Snorkle
                            3. Paddles
                Some optional equipment that would be ideal would be:

    1. 2 old Tennis Balls (we will use these in the pool so no need to be new)
    2. Thera-bands (Shoulder exercises at home)

    Meet Schedule:
                Has not been finalized yet, we won’t have a meet on Saturday October 14 due to homecoming.  Otherwise any other weekend may have a potential to have a swim meet.

    The URL is, it is currently not finished. I just bought the name and haven’t figured out who will host it quite yet. The hope is that we can use that webpage for announcements and general team info.
    Parent Hours: 9-11 AM Sunday @ Randolph Griddle
                I give 2 hours of time on sunday mornings for parents to come have coffee/ask questions/voice concerns. I do this as during the season it is hard to have a touch point other wise, as I have a day job as a software engineer. If you have any concerns I ask that you come during this time, or if you want to help out with the sunday crossword I encourage you to come join as well.

    It’s great that you are interested in swimming at Central, we do not make cuts but we ask that anyone interested in joining the team has the ability to swim and be comfortable in deep water. If you have any other questions please reach out to me, it is best to contact me through email! We look forward to seeing you on the pool deck come August. Have a great summer!

    -Blake Bendix


    To be eligible to participate in athletics at Central High School, the following items must be delivered to the Central Athletic Office the Friday before the first scheduled day of practice.

    _____ 1. A completed & signed 2017-18 M.S.H.S.L. Eligibility Statement/Health Questionnaire- effective for one calendar school year

    _____ 2. An up-to-date SPORTS physical exam - eligible for three years, unless stated otherwise by a Physician

    _____ 3. Participation fee - required fees vary by sport, please see a specific sport's homepage for details. Checks payable to "Central High School"

    To ensure the athletic department receives all necessary materials prior to the start of the season, do not mail fee or forms to Central High School. All registration items must be hand delivered to the Athletic Office (room 1116) for verification the Friday before the first scheduled day of practice. Failure to turn in necessary materials on time will result in an ineligibility to physically particpate. Athletes cannot participate until they have been deemed eligible by the athletic department. No participation fee refund will be given after the second official week of practice. A refund request must commence by the athlete or parent/guardian within the first two weeks of practice. Registration for all athletics ends on the fourth Friday from the start of a specific season (some exceptions may apply to this rule). Additional athletic registration resources are available on the Athletics Homepage under "Athletic Forms" in the right hand column.




Athletic Office

  • 275 N Lexington Parkway
    Saint Paul, MN 55104
    Room 1116
    Phone: 651/744-5102
    Fax: 651/632-6029
    Athletic Director
    Treacy Funk
    Administrative Assistant
    Morgan Wiechmann
    Summer Athletic Office Hours:
    August 7-31, 2017