Elementary Programs

  • Elementary Student

    EL teachers provide supplemental English language development through direct instruction for students at English proficiency levels 1-5. At the elementary level, most ELs receive the greater part of their instruction in the general education classroom. Classroom and EL teachers collaborate to teach language, create accommodations, and differentiate based on the needs of the students in their classrooms. EL service is provided through a co-teaching model and/or small-group instruction designed for EL students. These services are often provided in Reader’s, Writer’s, and/or Math Workshop.

  • Language Academy Program

    Language Academy (LA) is a program unique to Saint Paul Public Schools that provides up to two years of intensive language support. It is designed for new immigrant students, some of which may have limited or interrupted formal education. To qualify for Language Academy initially, students must have:

    • less than two years of formal education in the United States
    • English proficiency levels 1.0 and 1.9, as determined by the W-APT

    Language Academy students in elementary schools are placed in mainstream classrooms where they engage in grade-appropriate curriculum and receive intensive language instruction. These services will be provided collaboratively by mainstream teachers and EL teachers, through differentiated instruction and authentic assessment, to best meet the students' needs. It is designed to provide newcomer EL students in grades 1–6 with an education that builds content knowledge in order to foster academic success and language skills at their grade level. The Language Academy program provides students with an opportunity to participate in the school and larger community.

    Imagine Learning is an innovative Language and Literacy program that utilizes technology to support and engage English Language Learners. Students take an in-depth adaptive placement test then proceed through an individualized plan that includes up to 2,500 activities to increase their reading and speaking skills.

LA Elementary Schools

  • Elementary Schools with Language Academy