Hmong Dual Language

  • Hmong Dual Language Program

    A Hmong dual language program, believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, is offered at Phalen Lake Hmong Studies.

    picture The goal of the Hmong Dual Language Program is to foster the development of students who are bilingual and biliterate. Students in the Hmong Dual Language Program are expected to work towards the same grade level content standards as their grade level peers in the non-Hmong Dual Language classrooms. Students are taught academic content in Hmong while also learning to read and write in English. Students in this program spend the majority of their school day reading, writing, and thinking in Hmong as their instruction involves learning through and using the Hmong language. The Hmong Dual Language Program strives for excellence in curriculum, instruction, and most of all, in student learning.   


    Mloog kuv nyeem ntawv!                                              

    Nyeem Ntawv   seevcev

    Hmong Language & Culture Program

    The Hmong Language and Culture Program at the secondary levels (Battle Creek Middle School, Hmong Language and Culture at Parkway, Washington Technology Magnet School, and Harding Senior High School) was established as a continuation of the Hmong Dual Language Program. This program prepares students to learn to communicate effectively and to participate in local and global communities in the Hmong language where a variety of cultural experiences are explored. Students speak, listen, read and write at increasingly higher levels in Hmong. They develop a deeper insight into the Hmong language and culture and gain direct access to information in Hmong through the use of technology and Hmong resources developed by teachers and our MLL in-house authors.*

    Students are able to qualify for a Minnesota Seal of Bilingualism in Hmong at the end of their studies upon graduation from either Harding Senior High or Washington Technology. 


    * More information including how to order these materials can be found on the SPPS ELL Products Page or at the SPPS online store under "Bilingual Products".