Spanish-English Language Programs

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    In Saint Paul Public Schools, there are two, dual language Spanish-English programs, Riverview (K-5), and Wellstone (K-5) and a one-way program, Adams Spanish Immersion.

    The programs at Riverview and Wellstone serve both language minority and language majority students in the same classroom and use each group of students’ first language for academic instruction at certain points during the program. Starting with 90% of the day in Spanish the program gradually introduces English, building on the Spanish literacy skills, and reaches 50% in each language by 3rd grade. The aim is for all students to become bilingual, bicultural, and biliterate with high academic achievement. The cognitive, academic, and linguistic benefits of these programs sometimes do not fully appear until after 5th grade or later. These programs continue through the secondary level at Highland Park Middle School and Highland Park Senior High.

    Adams Spanish Immersion is a one-way program. This means that the language of instruction is Spanish for 100% of the school day in kindergarten and 1st grade and about 90% in grades 2 through 5.  

    Service for English Language Learners is provided in all programs.