Murray Library Media Center

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    Grab your bookmarks... The Murray library is launching a new reading program! SPPS Middle School Libraries were awarded a grant for $6,125 each to buy new books for their libraries. The catch?

    Ms. DeCourt cannot spend a penny of that money without the help of students. Students can help Ms. DeCourt choose books for the library by reading and writing a review to post in Destiny ( For every review a student writes, they can pick out a new book for their school library AND be the first one to read it.

    But wait! There's more! After 50 reviews are written at our library, Murray will be given an additional $700 to buy Makerspace items from a menu choices for the Makerspace funds for the library.

    The SPPS Middle School Student Choice Reading Program is made possible in part by funding from the Minnesota Department of Education through a Library Services and Technology Act [LS-00-16-0024-16] grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. LSTA Grant Link

    Welcome to Murray's "Bulger Library."  Students and staff can choose from over 10,800 different book titles.  Students may check out two books at a time and two additional books if they are doing research projects for a class.  Checkout time is two weeks.  Books can be renewed as many times as needed as long as no one else is waiting for them; students need to have the book with them in order to renew it. If books are lost or damaged, students need to pay for them, but weekly payment plans are accepted.

    Students have access to 28 computers in the library that can be used for looking up books, researching using databases, checking grades, and typing papers.


    Mission Statement

    The SPPS Library Media Program strives to develop life-long learners who are effective users of ideas and information.

    In order to accomplish this, the Librarians will:

    • Encourage a love of reading.
    • Provide access to learning resources in a variety of formats.
    • Teach skills necessary to locate, evaluate and use resources.
    • Collaborate with other educators to design learning strategies that support the curriculum.