• College in the Schools

    This is an academic program of post-secondary credit eligible courses offered through the University of Minnesota that meet on Highland Senior High School’s campus.  Students who meet requirements may enroll in Modern Fiction, which is a University of Minnesota course.  Upon successful completion of each course, university credits are earned.  These credits meet Highland Park’s English requirement and also may be accepted as college credits at many additional institutions outside the University of Minnesota system.  This is open to seniors whose class rank is in the upper 25% of the class.

    College in the Schools delivers regular U of M creditcourses to high-achieving high school students right in their ownschools.  Selected high school teachers are appointed as affiliated Uof M faculty and teach the U of M courses, supported by ongoing,discipline-specific professional development provided by U of M facultyand their sponsoring academic departments.

    Highland Park offers CIS English, which is taught by Mr. Hayes.