Hmong Dual Language Program

  • The mission of the Hmong Dual Languge Program is to develop students who are bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.  Having a strong background in Hmong provides the knowledge and framework for students to understand concepts and ideas in English.  The development of a student's bilingual and biliteracy skills builds self-confidence and gives students a sense of pride in their culture and heritage.  Through the dual language program, students can build stronger connections to parents, grandparents and the larger Hmong community.

    Within the Hmong Dual Language Program, students are taught academic content in Hmong while also learning to read and write in English.  Each year, as students progress to the next grade level, they become increasingly proficient in both Hmong and English.

    The Hmong Dual Language Program is offered at Jackson Preparatory Magnet in grades preK-4.