Hmong Literacy and Culture Program

  • The Hmong Literacy and Culture program is designed to give all students the opportunity to learn Hmong language, culture, and literacy during the school day.  Students participate in classes that focus on various aspects of Hmong culture and develop literacy in the Hmong language.  The program aims to give students more confidence, cultural understanding, and strong language foundations that will aid learning in other content areas.

    Additive or enrichment programs such as the Hmong Literacy and Culture Program develop students’ first language while helping them to gain proficiency in English. Research shows that developing students’ native language can accelerate their academic growth, helping to narrow the achievement gap between ELLs and their native English-speaking classmates. Research also shows that students who can read and write in more than one language and students who have literacy in their first language outscore their monolingual English-speaking peers on standardized tests.

    Hmong Literacy and Culture is available for students in K-8 at various schools throughout the St. Paul Public Schools.

    Schools offering the Hmong Literacy Program in 2009-10 are:
    *    Jackson Preparatory Magnet
    *    Phalen Lake Hmong Studies Magnet
    *    Battle Creek Middle School
    *    Washington Middle School

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