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Ms. Karp

My name is Cassie Karp and I teach 8th grade Global Studies and 7th Grade American studies.

I grew up just in Circle Pines, Minn. and graduated from Centennial High School. I attended the U of M - Duluth Campus and earned my degree in Education, teaching social studies with a history emphasis. I wanted to get more experience with different styles of teacher and traveled to Ireland to do my student teaching. I taught in the small city of Bray, just south of Dublin, and lived in Ireland for 5 months. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to places all over the world! 

8th Grade - Global Studies: The standards in MN have just changed for 8th grade curriculum so this year brings some big changes. I am really excited to be teaching this class and to help kids to understand their place in the world. In Global Studies we learn about the whole world, each unit focusing on one continent or subdivision of that continent. The standards for 8th Grade Social Studies place a lot of emphasis on understanding how cultures and human settlements develop over time and with relation to resources. Our focus this year will be primarily around answering the question “Why do people live where they live and how are they different/the same as me?”

7th Grade – American Studies: Understanding our past so we can understand our future. In this class we start with American history right at the beginning when we were a fledgling nation just starting to find our way all the way up to present day. There is a large focus on understanding motivation and cause and effect. Not just teaching kids to know when WWI took place but also really diving into the reason that the war started and why it was so devastating.

My philosophy: I really can’t say it better than William Butler Yeats, who said ‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.’