PreK-4 Special Education

  • Global Arts Plus offers a full range of special education services, as determined by Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Special Education teachers and service providers work in all grade levels providing support to students with IEPs. This support is sometimes in a small group setting and sometimes in the classroom. 
    Our school is also proud to offer a self-contained special education program for students with higher needs. This program primarily serves students with the disability label Developmental and Cognitive Delay (DCD). 

    In the self-contained program, classroom staff includes a special education teacher and classroom aides who assist and support the students.  Students may work with other staff who provide programmatic services or services as specified in their Individual Education Plans in the areas of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Adapted Physical Education, Music Therapy, Vision, Hearing and Nursing. Students in the self-contained program may also attend and participate in a variety of learning and social activities (such as group lessons, arts specialists, field trips, arts residencies) with their grade-level peers. The remainder of the day is spent in a self-contained classroom that focuses on pre-academic and functional skills.

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