Warning Signs of Trouble

  • Feeling scared and alone can lead to problems. The following list of problems indicate it's time to get help; talk to your parents, a teacher, counselor, or building administrator. Feel free to talk to a trusted adult any time you feel safety is an issue—for yourself or others.

    • If you, or one of your friends, have ongoing feelings of sadness or depression, or symptoms of depression.
    • If you have had thoughts of hurting yourself, or a friend has mentioned hurting themself. Take it seriously and get help.
    • You see another student being repeatedly bullied, or repeatedly excluded and picked on.
    • You hear a student threaten another student with physical harm.
    • You hear a student mention wanting to get even, attack or harm another student or staff person.
    • You see or hear about a weapon in school


    Threats and Rumors

    If you hear about a threat at your school, or a rumor that someone has a weapon, please let us know. We don't need your name - just information to help keep you and your friends safe. Please complete this anonymous online form, or  email us. Let us know what school you attend, and what your concerns are. We'll take it from there.