Six Things You Can Do to Prevent Violence

  • School safety is on everyone's mind, especially after events like the Red Lake and Columbine shootings. Long before tragedies occur, there are several things you can do to lower the risk of violence. Take charge of your future and be strong about zero tolerance for violence in your school. It’s your life; be strong.

    • Refuse to bring a weapon to school and report those who do. You may feel like a snitch, but you could be saving their life - or your own.
    • Learn how to help other kids resolve their disputes peacefully. Join a peer mediator group and educate yourself on how to diffuse tough situations.
    • Mentor a younger student. Younger students sometimes feel alone and intimidated when they first come to a school, and try to act tough to establish themselves. You can help steer them straight.
    • Take a stand against violence. Do stories on anti-violence in your student newspaper. Hold a vigil, make posters, do whatever it takes. It’s your school.
    • Welcome new students. Get to know at least one unfamiliar student every week. Violence often comes from students who feel alone and isolated.
    • Report crime immediately to school staff.