Eight Tips for Avoiding Gangs

  • The truth of the situation is that gang activity is escalating all around the country. That doesn’t mean you have to become a victim. Here are eight tips to avoiding gang activity.

    1. Don’t hang out or associate with gang members or "wannabe” gang members.
    2. Don’t identify or communicate with gangs.
    3. Keep your eyes open for known gang hangouts and steer clear.
    4. Don’t approach cars with people appearing to be asking for directions.
    5. Know the gang-related clothing in your area and don’t wear it where gangs congregate.
    6. Never attend a party put on by gangs or their associates.
    7. Don’t take part in any graffiti activity or hang around where graffiti is present.
    8. Don’t use any kind of finger gesture or sign language in public that might be construed as a gang sign.


     (From: http://www.gangwar.com/parent1.htm#advise)