Welcome to the Office of Security and Emergency Management Parent Page

  • Saint Paul Public Schools staff work with top safety officials around the nation to develop and implement a comprehensive,  effective safety program. Keeping your children safe and secure is our top priority.

    We use an interdisciplinary approach with schools, parents, students, local police, and community members to make our schools a safe and peaceful place to learn.

    On this page you’ll find information about what we do to keep your kids safe. There are also tips and tools you can use with your kids to make their school experience as safe as possible.

    What We do to Keep Your Children Safe

    Provides an overview of how we work to keep your children safe: prevention, training and drills, creating alternatives to violence, monitoring, and intervention.

    What to do in an Emergency

    Explains how schools handle emergencies, and how you can help. Also explained is the function of Crisis Response Teams.

    Safety Tips for Parents and Getting Involved

    How to Keep Your Children Safe

    Tools and Tips and Useful Links

    Provides information on bullying and gangs, and more information about school safety.

    Parenting Resources

    Setting limits with your children


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