Emergency! Emergency!

  • Fire Rescue Every school has a emergency plan for most conceivable threats. When an emergency occurs (such as an act or terrorism, a weather disaster,etc.) Do Not Call the School. You may tie up critical phone lines needed by emergency personnel. (After the 9/11 attacks, concerned citizens calling to check on loved ones’status clogged phone lines and made communication difficult for rescuers.)

    The school will take responsibility for your child until the threat has passed, and it is safe to release your child, either through ordinary school transportation or parent pick-up. If parents need to pick up children, they will be notified.

    In the event of a tornado or other weather emergency, students will be directed to safe areas of the school to wait out the storm.

    Parents are encouraged to tune in to weather stations, local media and other sources of weather information.

    In the event or a terroristic act, bomb threat, or other emergency, staff are trained to take appropriate action.

    Students may be evacuated to pre-arranged locations, if appropriate. If Parents need to pick up children, they will be notified.