Getting Involved

  • The key to reducing unwanted behavior in schools starts with love and attention at home. The number one thing parents can do to make their kids safer at school is to be actively involved and interested in their children’s lives. Here are some general tips for keeping your kids safe through your personal involvement.

    • Know who your child’s friends are. Ask to meet all of your child’s friends and do not allow them to have secret friends, or friends they will not bring over to the house.
    • Know where your children are when they’re not at home and check up occasionally to make sure that they are where they say they are.
    • Establish set times for curfew and do not allow children to stay out beyond their curfew.
    • It’s your house; don’t allow children to have secret places, a locked room without access, “parent free zones” or any other area where you are not allowed.
    • Apply reasonable expectations and boundaries, and be consistent and fair in discipline.
    • Encourage open communication and ask lots of questions—they are the best security tool a parent has.
    • Learn how to discuss difficult situations with your children without being judgmental or backing them into a corner. Remember their safety is your number one concern, not you being proven right.
    • Numerous books and parenting classes offered through community education, churches, the YMCA and other sources help parents deal with tough issues. Consider enrolling in one if you are experiencing a problem.


    Get Involved in Your School’s Site Council

    Saint Paul Public Schools are proud of our innovative Site Based Improvement process called Site Councils. These teams of principals, teachers, staff, families, students and community members, clearly define school goals, help shape school policy and procedures and solve problems. They meet after school when parents and community members are available and discuss and take action on a wide range of issues—including school safety. Site Council is the perfect forum for parents who wish to be involved in creating a safer school for their children. Ask your principal about the Site Council process in your school.


    Get Involved in our Community Forums

    Saint Paul Public Schools regularly holds community forums on a variety of topics. If you feel safety is an issue that needs to be discussed, or have noticed disconcerting trends in safety at your child’s school, why not suggest a forum topic for discussion? To suggest a theme, contact the District Ombudsperson, Desiree' Payne, at 651-767-8394 or email her.


    Office of Security and Emergency Management

    If your school is unable to resolve a safety and security issue, and you feel your child is in a dangerous situation, please contact our office at 651-767-8370. If you prefer to share information anonymously you can use our Send-A-Tip. We work closely with School Safety Teams and local police to resolve potentially dangerous situations.


    Have an Unresolved Problem? Contact the District Ombudsperson.

    The district provides an impartial advocate to work with parents to resolve issues and complaints against Saint Paul Public Schools. If you have an ongoing security concern that you feel is not being addressed adequately, contact the Ombudsperson, Desiree' Payne, at 651-767-8394. Messages can be left in English, Hmong, Somali or Spanish. You can also e-mail Desiree'.

Last Modified on August 30, 2023