How do I get an ID?

  • Our credential office will need to verify who you are and that you are currently a District employee or that you qualify for one of our other District badges (vendor, contractor, volunteer, etc.). You will need some type of picture ID (driver’s license, old school ID) and something to verify employment (letter from building administrator on letterhead or a photo id application from your school administration). New employees can present their letter of intent from Human Resources, however you must have an employee ID number to obtain a photo ID. Once you have received all documentation needed for a photo id you can obtain it from the Photo ID Office located at 360 Colborne. If you have any questions prior to obtaining your photo id badge please contact the Photo ID Office at


    What will I need in order to get an ID?

    • Photo ID hours of operation are 8:30am–4:30pm Monday through Friday.
    • We understand that times of availability may be an issue, in those cases you may email us for before and after hour options.

    When will I get my new ID? If you have proper ID and we can verify employment, you will get your ID before leaving 360 Colborne. If you do not have proper ID or for some reason we cannot verify employment, you will need to come back once we get verification.

    What is an access ID and how do I get one? Our buildings use electronic access cards for entry during predetermined hours. If your building is equipped you may obtain an access card through your building administrator.

    What happens if I lose an access ID? Please notify Emergency Communication Center at 651-744-1195 as soon as possible. We will remove the card from the system and issue a new one. Until we remove it from the system the card may be used and will register on the system as your card.


    ! You must wear your SPPS issued ID badge at all times on SPPS property