• Well, that time is among us.

    Your assigned high schools should be in the mail over and after spring break and registration information to follow. Here are some helpful hints regarding registration.

    Make sure to maintain balance. High School is vastly different than middle school in the amount of the work load and the rigor. It is OK to take a few general education classes, as long as you are challenging yourself.

    When you are signing up for classes, make sure that you consider your other responsibilities such as piano lessons, church youth group, or your after school sport/club, etc. You can generally count on at least two hours of homework a night for Accelerated courses.

    Find out who your councelor is and use them! They are there to help guide you through this process.

    Don't worry too much about your elective choices this year, they will be there next year, too. The most important thing to concentrate on now is your required classes. If you get these out of the way, you are in for a smooth four years and will have ample time for awesome electives, PSEO or even work study later in high school.