Boy and girl playing jump rope
  • December is an exciting month filled with great exercise for our primary students.  We learn about 35-40 different ways to jump with a short rope then we move to jumping with a long 16ft. jump rope.  The students work together to complete many of the different challenging jumps.  All of the students improve not only their ability to jump but also their fitness level during December.

    Jumping Rope Improves Cardiovascular System and Bone Mass

    Jumping rope elevates kids' heart rates, which in turn strengthens their heart muscle and improves the efficiency of their circulatory system. Their hearts are able to pump a greater volume of blood with each pump and their bodies becomes better at transporting oxygen and nutrients through their blood. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, kids who jump rope 15 minutes per day see bone mass development at the hip and lower back --- areas that tend to weaken with age.

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    During December intermediate students play Team Handball!  Team Handball is an Olympic Summer Sport and is played worldwide by 159 nations!  This sport uses skills from traditional American sports such as basketball, volleyball, baseball/softball, soccer, lacrosse, and track & field.

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