What is the Tech Lab All About?

  • Our focus for technology learning is project based and student centered.Our goal for technology learning is to create an environment where students are engaged in individualized, meaningful projects, as part ofthe regular curriculum. The lab is structured so that all classes receive direct instruction and also have the opportunity to sign-up for open lab times to pursue individual and classroom projects.

    Students work on projects directly tied to their classroom curriculum. Frequently these projects are cross-curricular - connecting multiple subjects while developing skills critical to becoming proficient users of technology.

    There are four broad learning goals for all students:

    1) Learn the fundamentals of research. Students receive instruction on how to use multimedia resources and the internet to become effective and critical users of electronic resources.

    2) Learn the fundamentals of writing, editing, and publishing both word processed documents and multimedia presentations.

    3) Learn to keyboard. Students learn the letters of the keyboard and practice developing their speed and accuracy.

    4) Learn to use the internet safely. Students are instructed in media literacy and how to use the internet safely and wisely.