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Happy Teachers
  • Ms. Tocher with last year's student teachers, Mr. McLafferty and Ms. Walker

    Ms. Tocher: I am so fortunate to teach English at St. Anthony Park Elementary School. I have been teaching ESL in St. Paul for over a decade and a half. Before that, I studied French and Feminist Studies at the University of MInnesota's Department of French and Italian and the Center for Advanced Feminist Studies. I taught beginning and intermediate French as a grad student TA at the U, at the Minneapolis Community College, and at the U of MN's Global Campus French in Montpellier Program. I continue to enjoy using my French when I have the chance.

    St. Anthony Park is a great school with over twenty-five languages represented. I also appreciate our school's and district's new policies on Racial Equity. Please ask me if you have questions about this, or if you would like to know more about other language/cultural topics such as upcoming Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish or other religious and cultural festivals/holidays, or about St. Paul's Latino Consent Decree; I can also share information about our many Parent Advisory Committees including our African American, Somali, Latino and Hmong Parent Advisory Committees. If I do not have the information you want, I will try to find it!

    Returning this year is our Educational Assistant, Mr. Yasin Mohamed. Mr. Mohamed assists emerging bilingual students in their classrooms and also assists parents/guardians as a language and cultural liaison from the Office of Multilingual Learning. He is here Mondays, Tuesdays, and alternate Fridays. He can assist with interpreting needs in Somali, Arabic, Oromo and Amharic

  • Mr. Mohamed: I am a father. I have twelve children: four daughters and eight boys. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Arabic from the University of Somalia. I lived in Yemen for eleven years and have also visited Cairo, Somalia and Ethiopia. My mother is from Ethiopia and my father is from Somalia. I have taught as an EA at Homecroft, Humboldt High School and Como High School.


    Ms. Tocher: A teacher candidate from Hamline University will join us on November 3 and teach with us until December 19. She is getting a second teaching license, in ELL. We look forward to welcoming Ms. Allison Heasley!


    Family information: If you would like to receive information from our parent/family organization ("St. Anthony Park Student Association" or SAPSA), contact Chris Havens to be added to the email list or join their facebook group, blog or twitter feed. Please let me know if you need his contact information.

    If you would like to be in contact with families who speak your language at our school, let me know and I will add you to your language group list.

    MLL Department: You can find information on district policies at MLL.spps.org. St. Anthony Park also has a "TOSA" (Teacher on Special Assignment) assigned to our building from District Administration. This year's TOSA for SAP is Susan Samaha. She is here from time to time and keeps in touch regularly with our building. You may reach Mrs. Samaha at susan.samaha@spps.org or 651-767-8313.

    Board of Education: Mary Doran is the President of the SPPS Board of Education. You may reach her at Mary.Doran@spps.org or 651-387-2361.