Eligibility for English Language Support

  • Welcome to the eligibility section of our ELL website! Here is some information about English Language Learner programming in St. Paul.

    Please check the Office of Multilingual Language Learning website for a chart listing the various measures used to determine eligibility for English language support.

    WIDA, or the World Class Instructional Design Consortium, is another great place to find information about English Learning in Minnesota: go to wida.us.

    Parents or guardians may have received a letter from the district, informing you that your child is eligible to receive support in learning English as an emerging bilingual student.

    The first eligibility requirement is a language other than English listed on the Home Language Questionnaire (HLQ) that parents and guardians fill out when first registering a child in Minnesota schools.

    If a language other than English is listed ANYWHERE on the form, then that otherlanguage is entered in the SPPS database as the child's home language. This may catch some families by surprise, which is why we clarify it here. Your child may not actually speak another language, but the state of Minnesota uses the language other than English as the student's home language, unless English is the only language indicated anywhere on the HLQ.

    Students who are eligible for English language support will need different levels of support, based on their level of proficiency in English. Students with English proficiency at levels 1-5 (1-6 in Kindergarten) will receive some measure of direct support from an EL teacher in the classroom. Students with English proficiencyabove level 5 will not need direct support in most cases. SPPS determines proficiency levels by placement and progress tests given to new and continuing students each year.

    Families, please also share with us any concerns and ideas you may have regarding your child's English proficiency.