Emerging bilingual students are creating...

  • Kindergarten
    First Grade

    Writing: personal narratives with illustrations. We add details to our writing. Writing for readers: we make our writing easy to read by using spaces between words, using lower case letters except when capital letters are needed, and by spelling words with all the sounds in the word.

    Speaking: We speak longer sentences using words like "and" and "so."

    Second Grade

    Writing: Our Expert Books are almost done! We are copying and illustrating our final versions. We will share them with our classmates to practice speaking and presenting our work. We will begin writing Small Moment books at the beginning of November.

    Third grade

    Reading: We are learning about engineering by reading <i>Juan Daniel's <u>Fútbol</u> Frog<ijuan daniel's="" fútballfrog.</i>.

    Fourth Grade

    Writing: Realistic Fiction. We are writing our rough drafts. We create believable characters in real-world settings.

    Fifth Grade