Mr. Clark's Just for Fun Web Sites

  • General

    Chris Van Allsburg: Explore Chris' website full of information about his books and illustrations. You can play games, watch interviews, or write a story amongst many other options.

    BBC Kids: The BBC Kids website is chalk full of  dozens of great interactive games, music, and stories. Explore!

    Library of Congress: The Library of Congress is the world's largest library. It is jam packed full of incredible primary resources - many dealing with history and music. This site has an exhibit, a kids section, and much more.

    Click here for Featured Creatures: Or some of my favorite insect, animal and fish sites. Their are a lot of great websites for viewing and learning about the creatures of the planet - so many so that they need their own page.

    Featured Downloads: Click here to see a few of my favorite free downloads.

    EduWebAdventures: Choose from a list of interactive, immersive webadventures in art and art history, science and nature, or history and geography.

    Miss Maggie's EarthAdventures: A fantastic site that combines Environmental Ed with clear literacy and mathmatical learning goals. Very well designed with great videos and animation.

    Brain Pop: Short, animated movies about health, science, and technology. Watch the movie, then take the quiz.


    That Quiz: Yes, I know the title of this site doesn't sound very fun. But it is a great place to practice your basic facts in adding, subtracting, multiplication, or division. Use the timer to try and beat your personal best time. And really, you won't have to take a quiz.

    Khan Academy: Wow! Super great site for practice and learning. Watch video instruction on many topics or practice both word and number problems. Create an account with the site and keep track of your progress, earn badges and more. Check it out!


    StoryBird: Write your own story inspired by and illustrated by awesome artwork created by professional artists. Cool. You can choose to share your story or keep it private and you can collaborate with other users. You must create an account (free) to use this site. 

    StoryJumper: StoryJumper is a site where kids can use a template to create and publish an illustrated story. Make use of drag and drop graphics or create your own to accompany your own writing.

    Little Bird Tales: You need to sign-up with an email account to use this site, but it is pretty cool. This site lets you write and illustrate stories with original drawings. And, you can record yourself reading the text of the story. You can then publish the story and play it back as a movie.

    Movie Making

    Zimmer Twins: Create animated short films using ready-made characters. You can change their expressions, actions, and backgrounds and write dialog for their speech bubbles. String them together to make you very own custom animated movie.

    Build Something

    Design Squad Nation: Learn and use basic engineering principals through offline activities, games, and videos on this PBS site. Lots of stuff to do and create here.

    DIY: Kids are challenged to complete skill-based hands on challenges that at times needs parental assistance. Kids must use everyday materials, resourcefulness, and apply scientific thinking as they solve the challenges. You can share challenges that you have completed and earn badges for completing all the challenges in a given set. Good for the Ax Man enthusiast in your life.