• Student Records and Your Rights

    What student information is collected by schools?
    By state law, the Saint Paul Public Schools must collect school census information on all students in public or private schools if the parents reside in Saint Paul. Census information includes student and parent names, address, telephone, schools attended, grade, school transportation information and special education program assignments. Other information typically collected for public school students includes district-wide testing data, subject marks, attendance, and other evaluations by professional staff. Financial aid to the school district is based on census and other information sent to the Minnesota Department of Education.

    Where is student record information kept?
    While a student is enrolled in a Saint Paul Public School, official school records are kept electronically in the District student information system and at the home school in the student’s Cumulative Record Folder. Other parts of the official student records, such as health records or Special Education files, may be stored at separate locations in the school.

    Who may see student records?
    Access is limited to the following:
    • Parents or legal guardians who present proper identification
    • Students age 18 or over who present proper identification
    • Officials of the Saint Paul Public Schools, such as the principal, teachers, counselors, nurses and other authorized personnel
    • Other schools where the student seeks or intends to enroll
    • Researchers conducting studies on behalf of the district
    • Persons who have a critical need to protect the health and safety of students
    • Federal or state officials for purposes of auditing and compliance with laws

    Other third parties (employers, social agencies, etc.) may have access to records only with written permission of adult students, parents, or legal guardians.

    Directory information (name, birth date, grade, school, dates of enrollment, awards, extra-curricular information) is public information and may be released. Parent/legal guardian(s) who choose to deny the release of directory information must notify Saint Paul Public Schools in writing.  In addition, addresses and telephone numbers of secondary students are released to military recruiters unless the parent/legal guardian submits a written request to not release this information. Military Opt Out Forms can be found at http://www.placement.spps.org/military_release.html or by calling Student Records at the Student Placement Center at 651-632-3764.

    What are your rights regarding student record information?
    • State and federal laws allow parents, legal guardians, and adult students (age 18 and over) to examine and/or obtain copies of their records or those of their children upon proper identification. There may be a fee for copying records.
    • The law requires release of all student information to either parent unless prohibited by court order. Exceptional circumstances should be referred to Student Records at the Student Placement Center at 651-632-3764.
    • You may challenge the accuracy of the record. You may request that school officials change it. After consultation, school officials may decide whether to alter the record. If you disagree, you have the right to a hearing.

    Whom should you contact with student records questions and/or requests?
    For copies of the Cumulative Record for a student who attended a school in Saint Paul Public Schools within the last five years, please contact the most recently attended school in Saint Paul Public Schools.

    For transcripts, diplomas, verification of graduation, immunizations, health records, genealogy requests and other general student records questions, please contact:
    Student Records, Student Placement Center
    2102 University Avenue W
    Saint Paul, MN 55114

    Establishing safeguards to protect the right to privacy may cause some delay in getting information to the person or agency requesting it. However, Saint Paul Public Schools has an obligation to protect the right to privacy for all individuals. We ask for your support and cooperation with these procedures.

    Student Records and Your Rights