In this class, we will learn to play the piano by using letters, numbers, symbols, and reading musical notation. Correct hand position, playing skill, and music literacy are some of the goals of this course. Besides playing songs in many different styles we will also learn the rudiments of playing music; rhythm, melody, and accompaniment.


    This is primarily an instrument playing class, but written work will be done as well.

    ALWAYS have a usable pencil (no pens) with you EVERY CLASS SESSION.



    All instruction is geared to PLAYING the instrument. Students who successfully complete this class will have a basic understanding of the piano, and fundamental skills in place. There will b e a Quiz every two weeks.


    Grades are broken down thus:



    TIME USAGE (up to 3 point a class) 30%




    A textbook will be provided for student use. These books are the responsibility of the student for the semester, and are to be returned at the end of the semester. Students are encouraged (but not required) to work on other music throughout the semester, and the student is encouraged to bring this music to class practice times.



    Students will use the instruments owned by the school. The fee for the semester is $5. Fee money covers maintenance, wear and tear and replacement of the instrument, and strings.



    PIANO CLASS RULES (point and grade deductions)

    1. Be on time!
    2. Follow instructions
    3. Be respectful of the teacher(s), other students, the instruments, and all other equipment.
    4. If you have breakfast in the music room CLEAN UP after yourself.
    5. Other than breakfast No food, drink, except water, or other consumables in class.
    6. Use only the piano assigned to you.
      1. DROPPING the piano costs money. You pay $.25 the first time, $.50 the second, $1 the third      time, etc. BE CAREFUL!
    7. Unexcused absences and lateness are cumulative and will adversely affect your final grade.
    8. After 5 or more unexcused absences the possibility of forgiveness (make ups etc.) steeply declines.  
    9. Do not use phones.









    __________________________________________ (student's name) is enrolled in class piano.   There are responsibilities that must be adhered to for the privilege of playing school piano.


    There is a $5 instrument use fee. This fee pays for batteries and accessories for the piano, or replacement for normal wear and tear.



    Any damage to the piano or accessories that occur because of misuse or abuse will be the responsibility of the student, and parent(s)/guardian(s). The student is also expected to exercise care when handling the instrument in class.   Any damages to the instrument in class, or in a practice room will be the responsibility of the student, and parent(s)/guardian(s).



    We, the undersigned, have read the Class piano syllabus and understand what the student will learn and be responsible for during the semester.







    ________________________________________ ______________________

    Student Date





    ________________________________________ ______________________

    Parent/Guardian Date



    ________________________________________ ______________________

    Parent/Guardian Date


    Day Phone: ______________________________ Evening Phone:__________



    Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are invited to come to class anytime to see what we are learning.

    If you play the piano and would like to come in to share ideas and skills, please contact Dr. Fried.